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Applying for CALeVIP Rebates on Behalf of Property Owners

As an authorized representative, you are eligible to apply for California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP) rebates on behalf of a property owner.

To do so, you must provide a signed Site Verification Form confirming that you have authorization from the property owner to install at the proposed site. Authorized representatives can include electric vehicle (EV) charging service providers, manufacturers, property managers, contractors or other installation partners.

Verify Your Equipment With CALeVIP

  • All EV charging equipment must be approved by the Center for Sustainable Energy to qualify for CALeVIP rebates. A full list of approved equipment is available on the Eligible Equipment page.
  • Use the Log In button below for your desired project type (CALeVIP 1.0 and/or CALeVIP 2.0) to create an account for your company and submit your equipment for verification. You may add multiple users to your company account.
  • Once you created an account, please notify us at evcharging@energycenter.org so we can finish setting up your account.
  • Please add all equipment you would like to make eligible for CALeVIP to our equipment database for verification and potential approval. We ask that you only add equipment that you think meets CALeVIP eligibility requirements.
  • Once you submit equipment to be verified, we will inform you within ten business days whether your equipment is eligible for current CALeVIP rebates.
  • If you would like to make changes to your uploaded equipment or add additional equipment, you can do so at any time through your user dashboard.

ENERGY STAR and OCPP Equipment Certification

All Level 2 EV charging equipment must be ENERGY STAR® certified to be eligible for CALeVIP rebates. A detailed overview of the ENERGY STAR Certification Process is available to help you get started.

Beginning July 1, 2023, all DC fast charger equipment must be Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) certified to be eligible for CALeVIP rebates. Visit OCPP Certification Process to learn how to certify your equipment.

If you have additional questions about equipment certification requirements, you can email CALeVIP staff at EVCharging@energycenter.org.

Network Provider Requirements

All Network Providers must meet the following requirements to participate in the Golden State Priority Project:

  • Provide networking services for EV charging stations.
  • Have a signed data sharing agreement in place with project administrator Center for Sustainable Energy (CSE).
  • Implement a mechanism to transfer the required data to CSE with a format and frequency that is acceptable to CSE and the California Energy Commission.
  • Be capable of obtaining and providing the following data using 15-minute intervals, at minimum, from the usage of the EV charging stations:
    • EVSE ID
    • Port ID
    • Port maximum kW
    • Connection start/end date
    • Connection start/end time
    • Charge session start/end date
    • Charge session start/end time
    • Energy consumed
    • Vehicle make, model and year
    • Interval ID
    • Interval peak demand
    • Interval start/end date
    • Interval start/end time
    • Interval energy consumed
    • Interval average demand
    • Idle duration
    • Downtime reason
    • Event start/end date
    • Event start/end time

    A list of eligible network providers can be found on the Eligible Equipment page. To begin the process of signing a data sharing agreement with us, please contact us at EVCharging@energycenter.org.

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