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CALeVIP 2.0 Rebates

Apply for high-speed DC fast charger rebates using our new application window process that prioritizes applicants who can quickly get chargers installed. Apply here if:
You’re only interested in DC fast chargers
You’re ready or have begun the process of site verification, permitting and/or utility design

DC Fast Charger Rebates

Golden State Priority Project

 DCFC rebates up to 50% of a project’s total approved costs, capped at up to $100,000 per active connector

 Exclusively for disadvantaged community (DAC) or low-income community (LIC) census tracts

 Tiered application selection process prioritizes shovel-ready projects

 Windows released by defined regions

 Northern & Southern Regions September 13 - December 12, 2023 CLOSED
 Eastern & Central Regions January 20 - March 10, 2023 CLOSED

Applicant Tiers

Once submitted, applications will be sorted into the following tiers, based on the documents submitted for the Permit Application Package and Utility Service Design Application Package:
Tier Required Documents at Application
1 - Highest “Ready to Build” Site Verification Form + Issued Permit AND Final Utility Design
2 - Medium “Design Approved” Site Verification Form + Issued Permit OR Final Utility Design
3 - Lowest “Design in Progress” Site Verification Form + Permit Application Package OR Utility Service Design Application Package

Communities in Charge

Implemented by CALSTART, Communities in Charge offers rebates for Level 2 EV chargers where communities live and gather. Priority is given to shovel-ready projects located in a disadvantaged or low-income community.