Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future, but we need to build more widespread and reliable EV charging infrastructure in California. CALeVIP can help you pay for and quickly install EV chargers in your community.

 Property owners, contractors, businesses and California Native American tribes can apply.

 Rebates can cover charging equipment, planning, installation and other eligible costs.

 Tiered application selection process prioritizes pre-planned, shovel-ready projects.

Offset EV
Installation Costs

Save money on EV charging equipment and installation costs.

DC Fast Chargers

Install EV chargers at publicly accessible properties.

Free Application Assistance

Get one on one support for your rebate application.


Some projects provide higher or exclusive rebates for low-income and disadvantaged communities.

Next Steps


EV Charging Basics

Learn about different charging options for electric vehicles.

Planning Your Installation

Find out how to start planning your EV charging project.

EV Service Providers

Find a contractor, electrician, installer, manufacturer and more.


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