OCPP Certification Process


Developed by Open Charge Alliance, the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) is a data communications standard that allows charging stations (CS) and charging station management systems (CSMS) from different vendors and providers to easily communicate with each other.

As part of its commitment to the interoperability of California’s EV charging infrastructure, the California Energy Commission (CEC) uses OCPP certification to ensure that EV charging equipment installed under CALeVIP are both open and accessible.

By certifying your equipment with OCPP, you are taking an important step in helping the CEC fulfill its commitment. That’s why all CALeVIP 2.0 DC fast chargers (DCFCs) are required to provide proof that they are capable of using an implementation of OCPP before they can be added to the CALeVIP Eligible Equipment list. Beginning January 1, 2024, DCFCs are required to be certified to OCPP 1.6 or later with at least both a subset (core) and security certificate. Certification to OCPP 2.0 will be required by January 1, 2025.

If your DCFC is not already OCPP certified, you can start the process now. When your equipment receives certification, it will be added to the relevant Eligible Equipment lists if it meets all other equipment requirements.

Step 1

Learn about certification and test procedures

These will guide you through the requirements for certification.

Step 2

Fill out the Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement (PICS)

In this form, you can indicate the details of what you want to have tested regarding your OCPP 1.6 product. Fill in this document and send it to your selected certification test laboratory. When you have passed the certification tests, this will be part of your certificate.

Step 3

Contact a test laboratory

To start the certification process, you will need to contact one of the designated OCPP test laboratories. All test laboratories provide the same test services, guaranteeing OCA certifications are identical and valid around the world.

When a vendor has passed all applicable tests, the test results will be sent to the Open Charge Alliance. The Open Charge Alliance confirms the test results meet the requirements of the certificate. If the requirements are met, the certificate will be sent to the vendor.

Step 4

Add your DCFC to the CALeVIP 2.0 EV Charger Eligibility Portal

  • Add all equipment that has obtained OCPP certification to the CALeVIP 2.0 EV Charger Eligibility Portal. CALeVIP staff will verify your equipment and determine your equipment eligibility for CALeVIP 2.0 incentive projects.
    • For new users, please create an account on the portal. To create an account, you will need to identify your organization and enter the organization’s employer identification number (EIN). If your company is not listed, please contact us at EVcharging@energycenter.org for assistance.
    • Once you have an account, log in and click the Add Equipment button. Complete the Add Equipment form for all equipment that has received OCPP certification.
  • Once you submit equipment to be verified, CALeVIP staff will inform you via the portal and email whether your equipment is eligible for current CALeVIP 2.0 incentive projects.

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