What are the EV charger requirements?

The EV charger(s) must meet these requirements.

  • Be a dual DC fast charger with CHAdeMO and SAE CCS connector options.
  • Be networked and capable of session usage data collection. Equipment and network must have remote diagnostics and be capable of “remote start.”
  • Be new equipment installed for the first time at the corresponding site address on the application. Resale units, rebuilt, rented, received from warranty insurance claims, won as a prize or new parts installed in existing units do not qualify.
  • Can deliver electricity to a plug-in electric vehicle at a minimum rate of 50 kilowatts.
  • Use an open standard protocol as a basic framework for purposes of network interoperability.
  • Accept a form of credit card payment, be it a card reader, app, or toll-free number.
  • Be approved by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) program for EVSE testing and certification.