What supporting documents do I need to submit for my application approval?

Required Documents

  • Signed Site Verification Form
  • Evidence of Permit submittal or Utility Service Design submittal
  • Signed copy of your Application form
  • Copy of your permit
  • Complete copy of design and engineering invoice
  • Complete copy of the purchase invoice for equipment
  • Complete copy of the purchase invoice for all installation costs
  • Copy of your final inspection card
  • If applicable to your installation, a utility service order
  • At least two photos showing all installed and operational equipment; one photo should clearly show CALeVIP labels appropriately affixed to the chargers
  • Photo of each equipment serial number
  • Copy of a network agreement for the chargers
    1. Minimum of five-year term of service for DC fast chargers
    2. Minimum of two-year term of service for Level 2 chargers
  • Completed Installation Data form
  • After equipment is operational, provide CSE access to charging utilization data portal for all chargers

Sample supporting documents are available for reference.