How can I be eligible for Clean Power Alliance (CPA) funds?

To be eligible for Clean Power Alliance (CPA) funds, you must be a CPA customer with installation site in CPA territory (portions of County of Ventura). When submitting an online application, choose Clean Power Alliance as the power provider. You will need to enter the electric account number associated with the site, the name of the organization or individual who is the account holder for the account, and the service address.

Please have the following information ready when you apply:

  1. Account number - Your customer account number can be found at the top left corner of the SCE bill. Please provide all digits of the account number. For example: 30000000
  2. Account holder name - The account holder name can be found on the first page of upper right side of the SCE bill.
  3. Account service address - The account service address can be found on the left side of the first page.

A sample SCE bill with Clean Power Alliance as electricity provider is provided below to help you locate the requested information for the installation site.

SCE sample statement for CPA funds