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Noodoe Inc.

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Noodoe provides EV charging and connected transportation solutions that are used in 110 nations across the globe, and serves the entirety of California.

Ark Shih

Director of Product Management

About the Business

Noodoe is a leader in transforming the world into a place where parking is charging. To accomplish this, Noodoe provides service automation solutions that transform parking lots into hands-off revenue generators. What makes Noodoe different is Noodoe EV OS, one of the world's most advanced cloud-based operating systems, serving as the "brain" that fully automates 24/7 EV charging service delivery, universal payment processing, and advanced energy cost reduction. Noodoe works with clients across industries such as hospitality, retail, workplaces, and smart cities, as well as partners with regional distributors and EV charging operators to help accelerate the world's transition to electric transportation.  

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Year Founded


EV charging levels
Level 2, DC Fast Chargers 50kW
Typical equipment standards
Networks equipment operates on
Noodoe EV OS
Features of Network
OCPP 1.6J compliance, OpenADR 2.0b certified, Universal payment (including credit card, Android/Apple Pay), Remote diagnostics, Web dashboard, Customized usage reports, Remote start charging
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