ClipperCreek, Inc. products are manufactured at our corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Auburn, California. Products can be shipped anywhere in North America.


Will Barrett

Director of Sales

From the business

Founded in 2006, ClipperCreek is a worldwide leader in Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturing and distribution. ClipperCreek offers a wide range of products designed to be the safest, and most innovative, EV charging stations on the market. ClipperCreek's product offerings cover the full power range of the SAE-J1772 charging standard for Level 1 and Level 2 charging, and can be paired with many innovative solutions to provide additional functionality like access control, energy usage tracking, load management, or payment collection. This wide and robust product offering allows ClipperCreek to provide the most flexible solutions for available power and required functionality.

The industry pioneers at ClipperCreek build more than 24 years of real world EV charging expertise into every EVSE manufactured. ClipperCreek products are proudly manufactured in Auburn, CA USA and are regarded as the gold standard in quality and reliability. ClipperCreek strives to and delivers industry leading value with every product delivered. Features like long cable length, fully sealed enclosures and simple innovative application solutions provide users with value through the full product lifespan, from purchase to installation and through ongoing operations and maintenance.    

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EV charging levels
Level 1, Level 2
Typical equipment standards
ENERGY STAR certification
Networks equipment operates on
LIberty Plugins, Cyber Switching, Powerflex, Control Dynamix, ZEFNet, FuelForce EV