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Steve Bloch

VP Western Region, EV Infrastructure

From the business

ABB is a global electrification leader and has been developing and deploying electric vehicle charging technology for nearly a decade. With more than 10,000 DC fast-chargers (DCFC) deployed worldwide, ABB has the largest installed base of high power EV chargers.  ABB is also the leading provider of power grid technology and equipment. Combined, our power grid and EV industry experience has brought us an understanding of the complexities of infrastructure deployment as well as the long-term commitment needed to operate a highly reliable ecosystem of right-sized power delivery. 

At a Glance

Year Founded


EV charging levels
DC Fast Chargers 50kW, DC Fast Charger 100kW+
Typical equipment standards
ISO 15118
Networks equipment operates on
EVgo, Electrify America, Greenlots, EV Connect, Volta, Others